The files listed under Related Files below include all annual parent notifications as required by Education Code section 48980. After reviewing the policies, please download the mandatory signature page (link on the left), obtain the necessary signatures and return the form to your school at the beginning of each year.

An optional signature form is also available on the link at the left under Optional Programs/Signatures if your student requires medications at school, you would like your student to be involved in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast program or Indian Education, you prefer not to relase your student's directory information, you would like pesticide notification, or if you do not want your student to participate in Health, Family Life or Sex Education instruction.

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  • Video Monitoring: The District has installed video cameras to monitor buildings, interior areas, exterior areas, including, but not limited to: parking lots, perimeters, recreation areas, play fields, hallways, and entrances and exit doors and on school buses operated by the contracted carrier. These cameras are intended to enhance the safety of students, staff, and visitors by deterring disruptive, inappropriate, or illegal conduct. Individuals, particularly students, should therefore be aware that they may be recorded while on school property. Video recordings shall be reviewed only by authorized persons and retained only when necessary for safety, disciplinary or otherwise legal purposes.
  • Pest Management Plan
  • Pest Management Plan Review
  • Wellness Policy (BP#5030)
  • Affordable Health Care Options (Covered California)
  • Health Care Options (Covered California-AB2607) - information on local assistance

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