The staff at North Point Academy (NPA) will meet with each family to design a personalized program matching the goals, desires, and schedules of each student. With access to nearly all materials and services available across the high school district, NPA students can earn credits through a unique independent studies format. While attending NPA, students may be allowed to dual schedule in one or two classes at Bear River or Nevada. NPA students can design their schedules to permit them to take classes at Sierra College or work at a job or internship. We can tailor a program for the needs of your student!
Our course catalog reflects only some of those choices. Our students have access to traditional bookwork or classes online using the APEX curriculum. To meet those requirements, our students may either be dual enrolled with NU or BR or take a course through Sierra College. 
Graduation Requirements
North Point Academy has a limited NCAA ist for 2024-2025 to allow student-athletes to complete the core 16.