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Is North Point Academy right for me?

North Point Academy (NPA) offers families a unique option:
  • At North Point Academy your unique needs are our top priority.
  • Staff sits down with each family to design a personalized program matching the goals, desires, and schedules of each student.
  • With access to nearly all materials and services available across the high school district, NPA students can earn credits through a unique independent study format.
  • While attending NPA, students can choose to enroll in one or two classes at Bear River or Nevada Union high schools. This enrollment is approved based on the comprehensive school site's class sizes. 
  • NPA students can design their schedules to permit them to:
    • take classes at Sierra College (must have an over all GPA of a 3.0 and be a junior or a senior)
    • work at a job or internship
  • NPA can also serve students involved in time-intensive competition at the local or national level or ones whose families travel out of the state or country for periods of time.
  • For additional support, Chrome books will be available to students who do not have access to a computer at home. 
The " home study" option:
  • Some families need a “home studies” option for a season or two to accommodate a particular family event or allow time for student growth.
  • Some families recognize the independent option as a valuable way for their student to accelerate and become college and/or career ready ahead of his/her peer group.
  • Independent study courses at NPA are available either online or with the same textbooks used at BRHS and NUHS, thereby allowing students to make seamless transitions between schools.
North Point Academy offers RIGOROUS ACADEMICS including access to Advanced Placement courses and the ability to take classes at Sierra College.
North Point Academy offers a FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE.  Each student has a path designed specifically for them.  This allows students to pursue extracurricular activities, jobs, etc.
Please watch a quick video to help you determine if North Point Academy is right for you. 

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