Green ribbon with the words Mental Health Awareness on it.Your student's mental health and wellness are important to us.  We offer many ways to support your student.

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Wellness Checkups

In support of students' emotional health as well as academic success, North Point Academy offers parents the opportunity to have their teens participate in a free emotional health checkup by What's Up Wellness Checkups.  The checkups are offered district-wide by the NJUHSD STARS program.  More detailed information about the program can be found at
The screening process helps students identify coping skills, support systems, and both in-school and community resources.  The screenings also identify risk factors associated with depression, anxiety, and alcohol/substance abuse.  The program is FREE, completely voluntary, and confidential. 
Parent consent is required and can be found HERE.  It is a one-time screening.  Parents are only notified if further support is recommended or requested by their student. 

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Student Services

A note from Janet W. Horowitz, NJUHSD Director of Pupil Services regarding available mental health services:
January 2020
Dear NJUHSD Families,
Our staff cares about the mental health of our students.  If you think your child may need additional mental health support, we want to help you get started.  This letter contains information about how to access mental health services on our campuses and in our community.
The STARS Student Assistance Program provides mental health screenings and interventions to support students who are experiencing obstacles to being successful in school.  STARS therapists provide resources and referrals, as well as direct short-term interventions such as individual or group therapy.  STARS Coordinator, Julianne Henry, LCSW, can be reached at 530-273-4431, ext. 2034, or
Many families use their medical insurance to pay for mental health services.  You can contact your insurance company to request a list of providers who specialize in work with teens.  Some insurance plans, like Medi-Cal, cover the cost of therapy completely.  Ask your insurance company whether your plan includes a deductible or co-pay fee.  Therapy may be more affordable than you think.
If you’re able to pay for counseling out of pocket, your options are extensive.  Ideally, you can ask people you trust for recommendations.  You could also do an online search at
Another good way to get help is to talk to your child’s doctor.  Your pediatrician can help identify any underlying medical issues and refer you to counseling support (they often have recommendations).  Some clinics even offer counseling onsite.  These include:
Nevada County Children’s Behavioral Health (530-470-2736) (Grass Valley)
Sierra Family Medical Clinic (530-292-3478) (North San Juan)
Chapa De Indian Health Clinic (530-477-8545) (Grass Valley)
Western Sierra Medical Clinic (530-274-9762) (Grass Valley)
Finally, if your child is in crisis, Nevada County Behavioral Health provides a free 24-hour crisis line at 530-265-5811.  Crisis counselors can help in an emergency (for example, if your teen is suicidal), and they will help you find ongoing support after the crisis has passed.
Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help support your child’s mental health.
Janet W. Horowitz
Director of Pupil Services