Green ribbon with the words Mental Health Awareness on it.Your mental health and wellness are important to us.  We offer many ways to support you.

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24-hour Crisis line for Nevada County:  530-265-5811

Nevada County Children’s Behavioral Health (530-470-2736) (Grass Valley)

Sierra Family Medical Clinic (530-292-3478) (North San Juan)

Chapa De Indian Health Clinic (530-477-8545) (Grass Valley)

Western Sierra Medical Clinic (530-274-9762) (Grass Valley)

More hotlines and mental health apps can be found within the NJUHSD Wellness Guide

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Wellness Checkups

In support of students' emotional health as well as academic success, North Point Academy offers parents the opportunity to have their teens participate in a free emotional health checkup by What's Up Wellness Checkups.  The checkups are offered district-wide by the NJUHSD STARS program.  More detailed information about the program can be found at
The screening process helps students identify coping skills, support systems, and both in-school and community resources.  The screenings also identify risk factors associated with depression, anxiety, and alcohol/substance abuse.  The program is FREE, completely voluntary, and confidential. 
Parent consent is required and can be found HERE.  It is a one-time screening.  Parents are only notified if further support is recommended or requested by their students.