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North Point 101-104

NPA 104 Post Secondary Unit  -- Sept 21, 2020
Recording of the 9/23/2020 Scholarship Meeting HERE
FAFSA and NJUHSD Scholarship Presentations sent to all NJUHSD seniors 10/1/2020
***** by the videos you should watch, also included are the presentations if you need to reference anything afterward. 
October Break Scholarship Workshops: Join our NJUHSD scholarship coordinator during your upcoming October break from 10 am-12 pm every day for workshops dedicated to helping you with your Going Merry profile build and applying to scholarships.  Please use the Zoom link...see ya soon!  Scholarship Zoon Link
October 8 - Sierra College Zoom Info event - Info on our home page

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Physical Education

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Life Science A - "Dogs That Changed the World" Part 2: Dogs by Design

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